A Christmas Soiree

Earlier I posted a picture of the Santa cookies I made for our Christmas party but below are other dessert photos. I made tons of desserts – just to make sure most everyone found something they like. Who doesn’t like having options?! We had coconut macaroons, peppermint tarts, cake pops (fudge marble and red velvet), gingerbread cookies, mocha truffles, toffee, pecan pies, cranberry bliss bars, snowballs, etc. The only thing missing was an edible centerpiece, icing on the walls and fudgesicles hanging from the chandelier!

Remember the rose pomanders I made for my daughter’s birthday party??  And remember how I promised I wouldn’t make them again for a long long time?  Well I gave in and made red pomanders for our party… at least they’re much smaller in size and didn’t take nearly as long!

Hot cocoa station!

Gingerbread men.  I didn’t have time to get them dressed for the party!

Red Velvet cake pops

The red trees are Styrofoam cones from Michael’s wrapped in garland I found at Dollar Tree.

pecan pies, snowballs, peppermint candy

I found Starbucks’ cranberry bliss bar recipe and they turned out GREAT!  I have an entire 9×13″ pan of them leftover in the freezer ;)

Chex mix cones were a hit!  A nice break from the sugar overload :)

You can make the fanciest desserts but nothing compares to a glass of milk and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. :) These flew off the platter so I don’t have any other pictures of them.


I had some fun over the weekend throwing a Christmas party for loads of amazing friends. Here is a picture of the gingerbread cookies I made with a vintage Santa image I found on etsy. My new favorite thing is edible images and icing printers. I mean who doesn’t have an icing printer? Actually, I don’t… but maybe there will be one under the Christmas tree with my name on it! ;) Afterall, I put St. Nick’s face on 3 dozen cookies… how could the guy say no to me?!  I’ll post more party pictures this week.

Weekend Events

I had a weekend full of baking orders!  I wish I had gotten better pictures of everything, but here are a few pics that I quickly took – 

Preppy pink and green cake pops for a Sweet 16 birthday party:
Maple leaf sugar cookies for a Fall dessert party:
A Ladies’ Luncheon/Conference at our church for 90 women (A purple and gold color theme).
Cake pops, mini pecan pies, coconut macaroons, chocolate truffles and mini pumpkin cupcakes. My Mom did the beautiful flower arrangements :)

90 sugar cookies with an edible image of the Conference theme on top:


The blog finally has some blue, thanks to my newest nephew, Harrison Grant! I did a dessert table for the Sip & See Shower we had to welcome my sister’s new baby boy. With so many posts with green and pink, I’ve been anxious to have a “blue” event to blog about.

Ok, I don’t like coconut, but I made these macaroons to surprise my sister (her favorite) and I LOVE them.  So good!

When the poms came down, these little goofs had tons of fun playing with them.

And let’s not forget the guest of honor!  Harrison Grant 9/19/11

Birthday Brunch

Over the weekend we celebrated Adelaide’s real birthday with a small family brunch. My Aunts came in from out of town and my whole family was there to celebrate with us as well. This little girl had a great birthday week!

I love these “short stacks”

 Quiche, crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, bacon and yogurt parfaits. 
And don’t forget the mini pumpkin bundt cakes and donut stacks!

Ruffles & Roses

My little girl turns 2 this week and we celebrated a week early with a Ruffles and Roses birthday party.  (I like taking advantage of having a girl).  She had an absolute ball and couldn’t believe all of her friends were in one place.  I took a LOT of pictures and had trouble narrowing down the list of photos to post, so I figure the best thing to do is post all of my favorites ;)  *Be forewarned this post includes a LOT of pink!
 My parents have a great entertaining space – I wish I could host an event here every week.
 The kids table.  It’s really a wonder what you can turn an old lego table with a science fair project board on top into!
 Yes, each girl had a place card.
Sandwich boxes
I love these mason jar kids’ cups.  I took the flat metal lid off and replaced it with a laminated piece of paper punched with a hole for the straw.  Much more colorful.
Strawberry yogurt parfaits – Adelaide’s favorite!
Chicken salad croissants
Dessert Table
The little girls’ favor bags on the left held together with a barrette.  They also got to take home a sugar cookie with their name on it.
I found these fabric roses on sale at a craft store and just had to use them, so I found some brown ribbon and made the girls a bow to include in their bags.

I made the cupcake stands from little wooden candle sticks and pre-cut wood circles.  So easy and cute.

These are Starbucks frappuccino glasses I saved and took the labels off after making my husband drink them.  He had no trouble helping me out with this ;)
Talk about a labor of love.  These rose pomanders and cupcake wrapper poms took SO much time to make.  But well worth it.  I’m going to hang them in A’s little girl room eventually.  I just love them.
I made the accordion banner out of one of my Dad’s Real Estate study books from the 70’s. 

We moved the kids table up to the porch when the rain came where the girls worked on their coloring :)

Love this sweet little girl and can’t believe she’s 2!

Lemonade & Sunshine

Today I had the time, energy and sunshine needed to have an impromptu photo shoot of a new-to-me dessert I had been wanting for weeks to make. Berry Charlottes! Haven’t you heard of them? A Charlotte is a French dessert made in a mold with ladyfingers filled with mousse or fruit (in this case both) and then chilled. Once chilled, you take it out of the mold for immediate serving. I’ve seen them served with or without ribbons but I think they just look so beautiful with a ribbon.
White chocolate mousse filling topped with blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.
They are as delicious as they look!

The antique secretary desk was mine as a little girl and I love that it’s still around.

A perfect afternoon treat to share with friends on a hot summer day!

Sweetest Baby Shower

I just got back from setting up a dessert bar for a baby shower at a beautiful home in Great Falls! Here are some of the pictures:

The parents-to-be are not finding out the gender so the hosts chose a green/neutral color scheme
Chocolate cake pops
I love how these cookies turned out!  Carriages, baby bottles and teddy bears wearing bibs!

Baked apple pies! My friend Meghan at The Hospitality Sweet makes these in a FRIED version. Yum.
I was so excited to make this buttercream ruffle cake